Cards for Major League Collectors

Forget the groundhog; the signal that we’re emerging from the long, cold days of winter is when pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training!

That date gets its own red circle on the family calendar not only because it means warmer weather is coming, but because another baseball season is right around the hot corner. And with it, comes the release of a fresh, new season of baseball cards and inserts from the leading manufacturers. 

While I have always looked forward each year to another run of new cards from all four major sports, new baseball cards have a special place in my heart. First, many of the manufactures, most prominently Topps, release their new card design with their baseball run. This was a collector’s way to see what the card look and design would be for the other three sports. Second, it was also your first chance to see your favorite free agent or traded player in his new uniform since he didn’t make last year’s update set. Gone are the days of airbrushing the new uniform or cap thanks to digital photography And finally, who could argue that baseball sets were always the most challenging to put together?  At over 700 cards for some base sets, it seemed like I was chasing my want list well into summer vacation.

The tradition continues with this year’s baseball releases...

2014 Donruss
2014 Topps

At Collector’s World, we are fans ourselves, and always have the latest baseball boxes, set and packs as soon as they are released. After all, would it feel like winter was truly over without a pack of new baseball cards to open? Come by and get yours today!


Written by Doug Steele, Owner