The Card Buying "Experience": Make it Personal

A first-time customer and his son came by our Annandale location today. Together, they picked out several baseball packs and checked out our inventory of Star Wars, Pokémon and Magic cards. As they were leaving, the father made the comment that the experience was nothing like buying cards from a local big box chain. He said he wished he and his son had stopped in sooner, and remarked that he and his son would be building their sets at Collector’s World from now on.

Why? Because of the wide and diverse selection a hobby store offers! The chance to select from among thousands of cards, wax, comics and memorabilia items they could never find at the mainstream stores.

While it may seem like the quick and convenient thing to do, most of us who used to buy cards off a small, overly-crowded and messy display were simply left with a stockpile of commons that we’d end up throwing out with the plastic carry bags and mountains of empty containers.

In comparison, the hobby wax offered at Collector’s World is far superior to that mass produced and sold at the big boxes. A visit to the shop presents several options that you probably never thought existed before you walked thru the door: a signed autograph from your favorite player, an original comic book you read as a kid, or a brand new pack of 2016 Topps Chrome Football you’d never find at a chain. All of these items offer great opportunities to start conversations and elicit memories that can be shared with fellow-shoppers or our friendly staff!

And the prices? Just as competitive. In fact, when was the last time chain locations offered a 15% military discount, or even a bulk rate price? Possibly never.

At Collector’s World, we have one objective in mind: to make your visit a memorable and enjoyable experience. The father and son that visited the shop today made that clear: a local hobby shop offers a much finer, holistic approach to card collecting.

So, next time you give any thought to picking up a pack of cards from a big box chain, think again and give local businesses a shot!


Written by Doug Steele, Owner